Professor of International Relations needed at Queen's University Belfast

Professor of International Relations at Queen's University Belfast
Professor of International Relations at Queen's University Belfast

At Queen's University Belfast, the School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy, and Politics (HAPP) is looking for a bright Professor of International Relations.

Internationally renowned for its study and teaching in politics and international relations (IR), Queen's University, Belfast's School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy, and Politics (HAPP) is one of the best in the UK. The school wants to hire a full professor of international relations (IR) to help with study, teaching, and leadership.

The international ties at our school are getting better all the time. We think of IR as an intellectual space that is always changing because of world problems that are bigger than usual problems in that field. Climate change that can not be fixed, the spread of global pandemics, new ways for capitalists to make money, relying more on technology and algorithms for government, the rise and fall of global financial institutions, the need for decolonization, the problems of security, mobility, and freedom that are linked, the need to change places where people protest and resist, the mess that comes after a long-running conflict, and, as we thoughtfully consider these issues,

Researchers in HAPP who are interested in international relations and want to push the limits of their field are part of an international relations group. We value research that is strong in theory, has a lot of data, and uses the newest methodological arguments in the field. We want a leader in the field of international relations (IR) whose study and teaching push the limits of how we think about knowledge in the field and who is dedicated to looking into the big problems we face on a global scale. The person who gets the job will have been in a leadership position before, have a history of doing good research and teaching, and be dedicated to driving research innovation and project growth.

The ideal candidate should have these qualities, and your application should make it clear that you do:

  • A Ph.D. in the field of international relations.
  • A long history of publishing works of the highest quality that make a significant and long-lasting addition to the field.
  • A track record of successfully securing and implementing large-scale research funding through competitive external peer-review methods; and a track record of successfully delivering such funded projects, including managing time and money.
  • Research that is seen as world-leading and of the highest quality in the field of foreign relations.
  • Show proof that you can teach and grade basic international relations classes at the college and graduate levels.
  • Experience at a strategic level as an academic leader in higher education that is substantial and important.

Note that the list above is not all of them. Visit our website to learn more about the job, including the necessary and preferred qualifications.

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