LSE Public Policy Analysis

In the LSE Public Policy Analysis online certificate course, you will work with current, global case studies to learn practical skills related to you.

During the LSE Public Policy Analysis online certificate course, you will work with current, global case studies to learn practical skills and techniques that you can use right away on policy-related projects or in your organization. Benefit from the unique teaching style and multidisciplinary approach of LSE, which is at the forefront of research and teaching in the social sciences, as you build analytical frameworks to better understand how policies are made and what factors lead to their success or failure.

Over the course of 10 weeks, you will improve your practical policy communication skills and learn how to use common quantitative techniques and research methods to do impact evaluations that are based on evidence.

During this online certificate course, which was made by LSE's School of Public Policy, you'll be able to talk to people from all over the world who share your interests and learn from LSE faculty who have done research in many different countries and in many different policy areas.

Impact of LSE Public Policy Analysis

  • Develop practical skills that you can use in projects related to policy or in your organization.
  • Create a way to think about the policy process that is based on analysis.
  • Learn how to evaluate policies based on facts by understanding the quantitative tools available, such as basic statistical methods, regression analysis, and drawing conclusions about what caused what.
  • Learn how to talk about policies in a clear way.
  • Get the authority to make useful suggestions to a policy organization or other interested parties.
  • Learn more about the role you play in making policy.

Content of LSE Public Policy Analysis

This online certificate course takes 7–10 hours per week and takes 10 weeks (not counting the week of orientation).

Programme structure 

Orientation Module

Module 1: The importance and goals of public policy

Module 2: Individuals and strategic interactions

Module 3: Institutions and public policy

Module 4: Quantitative skills for public policy

Module 5: Policy evaluation

Module 6: Policy communication

Module 7: Public policy processes

Module 8: Representation, accountability, and public policy

Module 9: The politics of public policy

Module 10: Challenges for public policy

How you study

This course is taught entirely online in partnership with GetSmarter, a leader in online education. People learn with the help of a Success Team and a learning platform that is both supportive and interesting.

Each week, new modules are released, and you can finish them at your own pace and in your own time. This flexible and structured way to learn is made for professionals who are always on the go.

You will be able to access and download readings and videos through the Online Campus. You will have access to a wide range of interesting content, such as video lectures, infographics, real-world case studies, and more.

You will be able to talk to your classmates and the people helping you learn through weekly class-wide forums and reviewed small group discussions. You will also be able to use what you learn each week on quizzes and projects.

Certified by CPD

LSE Public Policy Analysis course has been approved by the United Kingdom CPD Certification Service and may be useful for people who belong to or work with professional bodies in the UK. The course takes about 80 hours to finish.

Further Information

For further information about LSE Public Policy Analysis, click here.

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