Tenure-track professor in Political Science focusing on Social Policy

Professor in political science, University of Vienna
Professor in political science, University of Vienna

At the Faculty of Social Sciences, the University of Vienna seeks to appoint a Tenure-track professor in Political Science focusing on Social Policy.

49 Faculty of Social Sciences

Working hours: 40 | Collective bargaining agreement: §48 VwGr. A2

Limited until: Permanent

Reference no.: 1653

The University of Vienna has over 7,500 professors from all fields and is known worldwide for its excellent teaching and research. With this wide range of skills, we can tackle today's tough problems, come up with completely new solutions, and teach the next generation of problem-solvers from a cross-disciplinary point of view.

The position

We want to hire a great person who will focus on looking at social policy in light of new societal problems and political arguments about welfare state policy and its changes. Having more people interested in redistributive and economic strategies would be good. These study areas should also examine political actors' strategies and actions. You need to know about new empirical-analytical methods in political science as well as theories and ideas of public policy. Those who are chosen will be known all over the world for their science work and have a great track record.

Your academic profile:

  • Doctoral degree/PhD
  • Two years of international research training while getting your Ph.D. or afterward.
  • Excellent study accomplishments, a strong history of publications and funding, and a well-known reputation worldwide.
  • Planning and working on research projects, leading study groups, and getting money from outside sources are all things you should have experience with.
  • Want to teach and supervise well at the bachelor's, master's, and doctorate levels.

The person who gets the job should be able to learn German well enough within three years to teach in bachelor's studies and serve on university committees.

We provide:

  • The possibility of obtaining a permanent position and eventually being promoted to full professor; the original contract as an Assistant Professor is restricted to six years. After a qualification agreement is approved, the contract becomes permanent as Associate Professor; Associate Professors can advance to Full Professor through an internal competitive method.
  • A lively research atmosphere.
  • A comprehensive range of research and instructional support services are available.
  • Attractive employment conditions in a high-quality-of-life city.
  • According to the University Staff Collective Bargaining Agreement (level A2), an attractive wage and an organizational retirement plan.

Application documents (in English):

  • Letter of motivation.
  • Academic curriculum vitae: education and training (Ph.D. Certificate, PDF); positions held to date; parental, family, or other care leaves as applicable; awards and honors; commissions of trust; previous and current cooperation partners; a complete list of acquired third-party funding and, if applicable, of inventions/patents; list of most important scientific talks (max. 10); teaching and mentoring; supervision experience (Master's and Ph.D.), if applicable.
  • List of publications: link to your own publicly accessible ORCID record, with a complete and current publication list; three key publications as electronic full-text version (PDF, max 30 MB).
  • Research Statement: most important research achievements (max. two pages) and planned future research activities (max. four pages); synopsis of three key publications with relevance to the position advertised; publication strategy.
  • Teaching and supervision statement: teaching and supervision concept, including a description of the previous and planned priorities in academic teaching and supervision (max. two pages); teaching evaluations (if available, PDF).

Please email if you have any questions. Applications sent through the link here are the only ones to be looked at.

We're excited to have new people on our team! There is no discrimination in hiring at the University of Vienna, and the school values diversity, equal chances, and women's advancement. We are committed to growing the number of women in senior and academic roles across the university's academic and general staff, so we strongly urge qualified women to apply. If the qualifications are the same, women will be given priority.

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