IIASA Deputy Director General for Science (DDGS)

IIAS - Deputy Director General for Science

IIASA, a world-renowned research organization, is pleased to announce an exciting vacancy for the Deputy Director General for Science (DDGS). The incumbent is expected to provide interdisciplinary scientific leadership and ensure that IIASA research stays at the forefront of scientific endeavor.

The Position

The Deputy Director General for Science (DDGS) provides interdisciplinary leadership to the Institute and ensures that IIASA research stays at the forefront of scientific endeavor. This requires IIASA to make a real-world policy impact, drive sustainable development, and contribute to human well-being. The incumbent is responsible for the overall coordination of IIASA research activities, mentoring scholars, and leading a team of program directors and scientific support units to deliver on the strategic and research goals of the Institute. The position holder deputizes for the IIASA Director General (DG) in all crucial instances and takes responsibility for steering IIASA as part of the executive team.

Main Responsibilities

In close consultation with the IIASA Director General (DG), the Deputy Director General for Science (DDGS) is required to:

  • Provide strategic direction to the IIASA interdisciplinary research portfolio.
  • Coordinate IIASA research programs, including:
  • Lead the team of research program directors to deliver on the IIASA Strategy 2021-2030 and the IIASA Research Plan 2021-2024, and help develop and deliver on the Research Plan 2026-2029;
  • Monitor the execution of the research plans through appropriate key performance measures, reflecting on the Institute’s scientific excellence, policy impact, capacity-building, and the benefits provided to members;
  • Oversee external evaluations of IIASA research activities.
  • Coordinate engagement with the Science Advisory Committee (SAC).
  • Provide leadership to IIASA in major grant proposals and ensure that this helps the Institute achieve its strategic and research goals.
  • Represent IIASA and its research with high-level stakeholders, such as governments, international organizations, funding bodies, NGOs, and private sector partners.
  • Support the IIASA Director General (DG) in pursuing the following activities:
  • Fostering scientific relations between IIASA and research partners worldwide, with particular emphasis on the National and Regional Member Organizations (NMOs/RMO);
  • Mentoring the career development of all IIASA researchers;
  • Promoting diversity in scientific leadership positions;
  • Providing strategic direction to the Institute’s capacity development and training programs;
  • Ensuring compliance of programs and departments to the administrative, legal, and governance requirements of IIASA.
  • Engage in the IIASA executive team and its legal obligations.
  • Execute any other function allocated by the IIASA Director General (DG).

Skills and Requirements

Applicants must have a PhD in a field relevant to IIASA research, exceptional scientific credentials, and broad recognition by the international scientific community. This includes a proven track record of high-impact peer-reviewed publications, demonstrated ability to garner external funding, and appropriate peer-driven awards and recognitions. The successful candidate will have experience leading interdisciplinary research groups, change management, and broad scientific knowledge in a wide range of natural and social sciences, including mathematics, as well as an appreciation and understanding of applying systems analysis approaches to global and universal problems. The incumbent must have ample leadership experience in progressively higher research management positions and excellent organizational, communication, and diplomatic skills. Experience in national and international policy-making processes and science-based decision-making would be advantageous.

Appointment Terms

The position is full-time, and an early start would be preferable. An initial fixed-term appointment of five (5) years will be offered, with the possibility of extension by mutual consent between the IIASA Council, the IIASA Director General (DG), and the incumbent. The place of work is Laxenburg, Austria, and the incumbent is expected to travel frequently as part of their duties. Salary and benefits are competitive with comparable international organizations.

The Institute

IIASA, headquartered outside Vienna, Austria, is an interdisciplinary, international research institute that applies systems analysis to identify integrated solutions and policy insights to current, emerging, and novel global sustainability challenges, threats, and opportunities.

IIASA is the primary multidisciplinary science institute for solving global problems in climate, environment and natural resources, energy, risk and resilience, population, and societal dynamics using applied systems approaches.

IIASA research program undertakes research across and at the intersection of natural, human, social, knowledge, and technology systems to support the development of integrated solutions to global sustainability challenges. To advance this agenda, the Institute draws on decades of experience in advancing systems analysis methodology and tools and applying them to, among other things, transboundary air pollution, energy utilization, risk management, integrated land management, technological evolution, population dynamics, and social and economic transition. The research at IIASA is organized in broad multidisciplinary research programs that collaborate extensively to resolve complex global change matters. 

The research activities are highly solution-oriented, aiming to provide the scientific evidence base to solve some of the most pertinent global problems. IIASA is therefore important in providing policy advice to international and national decision-makers. With the recent expansion in IIASA membership beyond the industrialized nations, the Institute increasingly includes capacity building in systems analysis. It is vital to collaborative research, educational programs, and outreach activities. This is available to members globally, PhD students, postdocs, and other researchers worldwide.

The Institute is a membership organization of 21 national and regional member organizations representing their national/regional research communities, coupled with competitive grants from foundations, international institutions, and other research agencies.

Further Information

‍If you have further questions, contact the Search Committee Chair, Dr. Kazu Takemoto, via the Council Secretary (

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